An entry-level canyon and river walk.

with of two distinct parts that can equally be enjoyed separately one from the other.

- The first section is composed of a series of varied abseils of which a beautiful 25 metre waterfall that is descended on a spiderwire???

- Several lengthy sections of river walking which some find cumbersome also form part of this canyon.

The Second section of this canyon is composed of a chain of 15 fairly short slides that it is possible to enjoy repeatedly by looping back on foot via the footpath by the river. This natural aquatic playground is a unique feature of the Haute Savoie.

In completing both sections of this canyon, you will enjoy a great river experience with some attractive abseil. Alone, the second section is a river-walk that is perfect for adults, youngsters, as well as children from 6-7 years, to have great fun discovering this activity.

Approach time
Activity time
Return time

Les Carroz / Magland


The meeting point :

Arriving from Cluses, turn left at the roundabout at the Magland bridge just before the village of the same name. Park in the ‘Tindaris’ restaurant carpark. The start of the canyon is just a 2 minute drive away.


  • A swimsuit
  • Sport style trainers - these will go in the water (not beach shoes)
  • A hair elastic - for tying back long hair
  • A change of clothes


  • A 5mm neoprene wetsuit in 2 parts
  • A pair of 5mm neoprene socks
  • A helmet
  • A harness