You Canyon - Manu

I have been a Canyon Guide in the Haute Savoie for the last 7 years.

Having worked through 300 canyons in France and abroad, I decided to turn my passion into my job. With this experience behind me and with an excellent knowledge of the Canyons of the Chablais, It is my pleasure to guide you along the water’s route thruough the mountain.

Key words for me:






In Figures

The Number of canyons travelled through by Manu… when we say it is a passion…. !
Canyons that Manu proposes you discover in the Haute Savoie!
Jokes (on average) told by Manu on each trip!


Frequently Asked Questions

Even though the neoprene wetsuit aides floatation, It is essential that you know how to swim and to not be afraid to put your head under water in able to participate in canyoning.
Children can participate from around the age of 10 years. It is essential that the child know how to swim and must be accompanied by a responsible adult. During any particularly difficult sections, Manu will suggest an alternative, allowing the child to advance around the obstacle in question whilst keeping up with the group!
It is not obligatory to perform jumps when canyoning! Manu can adapt the route to provide an alternative for those who want to avoid the jumps! We promise, even if it is great to jump, we will not force you!
This depends on the time of year and the weather conditions! The two-part neoprene wetsuit that Manu will provide you with for the experience is sufficiently thick for you not to feel the cold. You will therefore find yourself at the ideal temperature to enjoy the mountain with your feet in the water!